Mesomap of Canadian Atlantic Weather Network Stations

 Temperature   Dew Point   Humidity   Wind Direction and Speed/Gust   Rain Today   Pressure and Trend   Current Condition   Location 

13.9 °C DP 13.2 °C 95 % Wind from NNENNE  4 G 3 kph 0.0 mm 1020.5 hPaRising Slowly Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Flowers Cove

14.4 °C DP 14.4 °C 100 % Wind from NNENNE  1 kph 0.0 mm 1019.6 hPaRising Slowly Cloudy2 Cloudy2 Fredericton

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14.9 °C DP 13.9 °C 94 % Wind from NNENNE  0 kph 0.0 mm 1019.1 hPaRising Slowly Metar CYHZ: Few Clouds Few Clouds Bayside

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11.9 °C DP 11.3 °C 96 % Wind from NN  1 G 3 kph 0.0 mm 1019.1 hPaSteady Overcast Overcast Halifax

10.3 °C DP 9.0 °C 92 % Wind from WNWWNW  0 kph 0.0 mm 1017.8 hPaSteady Metar CYHZ: Few Clouds Few Clouds Truro

18.7 °C DP 18.5 °C 99 % Wind from EE  5 G 3 kph 1.4 mm 1010.5 hPaSteady Overcast Overcast Beckwith Township

14.9 °C DP 13.7 °C 92 % Wind from ENEENE  1 G 5 kph 0.0 mm 1014.5 hPaSteady Overcast Overcast Meteo Lanaudiere

12.4 °C DP 11.5 °C 94 % Wind from NN  0 kph 0.0 mm 1020.5 hPaRising Slowly Metar CYYY: Few Clouds Few Clouds Rimouski

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16.2 °C DP 14.9 °C 92 % Wind from EE  5 G 5 kph 0.2 mm 1018.7 hPaSteady Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Saite-Helene-de-Breakeyville

Conditions data shown was collected
from Thu, 21-Aug-2014 07:04:33 ADT to Thu, 21-Aug-2014 07:06:01 ADT

The Canadian Atlantic Weather Network is an affiliation of personal weather Websites located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. This station is proud to be a member of the CAWN network.
Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

Member stations of the Canadian Atlantic Weather Network

as of Tue, 22-Jul-2014 18:09:43 ADT

Flowers Cove, Grand Lake: 13.9°C, DP 13.2°C, 95%, NNE 4 G 3 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1020.5hPa Rising Slowly, Partly Cloudy Fredericton: 14.4°C, DP 14.4°C, 100%, NNE 1 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1019.6hPa Rising Slowly, Cloudy2 Bay Roberts - No current conditions report Goose Bay - No current conditions report Bayside: 14.9°C, DP 13.9°C, 94%, NNE 0 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1019.1hPa Rising Slowly, Metar CYHZ: Few Clouds Drum Head - No current conditions report Halifax: 11.9°C, DP 11.3°C, 96%, N 1 G 3 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1019.1hPa Steady, Overcast Truro: 10.3°C, DP 9.0°C, 92%, WNW 0 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1017.8hPa Steady, Metar CYHZ: Few Clouds Beckwith Township: 18.7°C, DP 18.5°C, 99%, E 5 G 3 kph, Rain: 1.4mm, Pressure: 1010.5hPa Steady, Overcast Meteo Lanaudiere: 14.9°C, DP 13.7°C, 92%, ENE 1 G 5 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1014.5hPa Steady, Overcast Rimouski: 12.4°C, DP 11.5°C, 94%, N 0 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 1020.5hPa Rising Slowly, Metar CYYY: Few Clouds Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - No current conditions report Saite-Helene-de-Breakeyville: 16.2°C, DP 14.9°C, 92%, E 5 G 5 kph, Rain: 0.2mm, Pressure: 1018.7hPa Steady, Partly Cloudy

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Dew Point
Trend Last
New Brunswick Flowers Cove, Grand Lake Partly Cloudy 13.9 13.2 95 NNE Wind from NNE 4 3 0.0
1020.5Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 07:05:56
New Brunswick Fredericton Cloudy2 14.4 14.4 100 NNE Wind from NNE 1 0 0.0
1019.6Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 07:04:33
Nova Scotia Bayside Metar CYHZ: Few Clouds 14.9 13.9 94 NNE Wind from NNE 0 0.0
1019.1Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 07:04:36
Nova Scotia Halifax Overcast 11.9 11.3 96 Wind from N 1 3 0.0
Steady 07:06:00
Nova Scotia Truro Metar CYHZ: Few Clouds 10.3 9.0 92 WNW Wind from WNW 0 0 0.0
Steady 07:06:00
Ontario Beckwith Township Overcast 18.7 18.5 99 Wind from E 5 3 1.4
Steady 07:05:50
Quebec Meteo Lanaudiere Overcast 14.9 13.7 92 ENE Wind from ENE 1 5 0.0
Steady 07:05:47
Quebec Rimouski Metar CYYY: Few Clouds 12.4 11.5 94 Wind from N 0 0 0.0
1020.5Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 07:06:01
Quebec Saite-Helene-de-Breakeyville Partly Cloudy 16.2 14.9 92 Wind from E 5 5 0.2
Steady 07:05:02



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